Bōru Ramen Bar Opens in Waldo

Boru Ramen Bar opens in Kansas City

Kansas City will add to its ramen repertoire when Bōru Ramen Bar opens February 22 in the former Summit Grill space. The Waldo restaurant boasts eight ramen varieties, a full service bar (with a massive sake list) and a variety of Asian-inspiried apps, salads and steamed baos. Get a first look at Bōru’s menu before they officially open!

What’s In My Lunch Bag

It’s February! For me, it’s that difficult time of year where I’m wavering on healthy New Year’s resolutions and reaching for the most convenient foods instead of what’s healthy. So I’ve made some changes, including no more lunches out. That’s right, I’ve been making my lunches for nearly two weeks and I already feel a little better about it. Here’s a peek at what I’ve been packing.

Three Days in Denver

I’m back from a three-day, food fueled trip to Denver, Colorado, and I can’t wait to tell you about it! This was my first time in the Mile High City, and to make it even more special, my mom came with me to help celebrate my birthday. True to form, I came prepared with an itinerary chock full of local restaurants, bars and boutiques – and I’m happy to report Denver did not disappoint.