Bōru Ramen Bar Opens in Waldo

Boru Ramen Bar opens in Kansas City
Kansas City will add to its ramen repertoire when Bōru Ramen Bar opens February 22 in the former Summit Grill space. The Waldo restaurant boasts eight ramen varieties, a full service bar (with a massive sake list) and a variety of Asian-inspiried apps, salads and steamed baos. Get a first look at Bōru’s menu before they officially open!

Boru Ramen Bar in Kansas City
What to drink: the “Melon Ball Z” 
Who doesn’t love a frozen, fruity cocktail? Made with vodka, melon and a popular Asian drink called Yogo Vera, Bōru’s Melon Ball Z is deliciously dangerous.

New Boru Ramen Opens in Kansas City
What to start with: King Mushroom Steamed Bao ($5.50)
Prepared to pillowy perfection, Bōru’s buns are filled with tender mushrooms slathered in a sweet soy glaze, then topped with kewpie mayo and sesame.

Boru Ramen Bar in Kansas City
What to share: Fries ($7.50)
Don’t let the simple name fool you. Bōru starts with a layer of uber crispy sweet potato fries. Then thick chunks of pork belly and kimchi. Next, a drizzle of curry-lime aioli…and to top it all off, a fried egg. Wow. These fries are a must try.

Boru Ramen Cold Noodle Salad
What to get if you want something healthy-ish: Korean Steak & Noodle Salad ($15.50)
One of the best things about Bōru is that the salads, bibimbap and rice entrees are just as solid as the ramen. But if you’re looking for something on the lighter side, I highly suggest the Korean Steak Salad made with chilled ramen, baby kale, Asian pears and roasted sesame seed dressing.

Boru Ramen Kansas City menu
What to slurp: Seafood Ramen ($19.50)
I’ve had every ramen place in Kansas City, and I’m sure Bōru’s bowls are the biggest. If you’re with a companion, I suggest sharing or ordering two different bowls to do some sampling. My favorite Bōru ramen is the Seafood – topped with a giant red prawn, manila clams, calamari, octopus and king mushrooms.

I also loved the Korean Ramen ($14.50, pictured top) topped with Korubuta pork belly, greens, a 6-minute egg, kimchi and gochujang.

BORU Ramen Bar in Kansas City
Be sure to check out Bōru Ramen Bar when they officially open to the public on February 22! Then tell me what you think!

Bōru Ramen Bar
500 West 75th Street
Kansas City, MO 64114


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