What’s In My Lunch Bag

Taylor Farms Single Serve Salads
It’s February! For me, it’s that difficult time of year where I’m wavering on healthy New Year’s resolutions and reaching for the most convenient foods instead of what’s healthy. So I’ve made some changes, including no more lunches out. That’s right, I’ve been making my lunches for nearly two weeks and I already feel a little better about it. Here’s a peek at what I’ve been packing.

Taylor Farms Single Serve Salad
Taylor Farms Single Serve Salad
1. Taylor Farms Single Serve Salads
One of my biggest lunchtime requirements is convenience. I simply don’t have time to put together a sandwich in the mornings or even prep meals during the weekend. So when I found out about these single serve salads from Taylor Farms it was a game changer. Not only are they convenient (I literally just throw it in my bag and it’s good to go…there’s even a fork included!), but they’re low in calories and loaded with fresh veggies. There are a bunch of options, but my favorites so far are:

  • Spinach & Couscous (230 calories) loaded with baby spinach, roasted corn, cranberries, pepitas and basil dressing.
  • Chopped Asian (260 calories) made with green cabbage, carrots, green onion, grilled chicken, almonds, crispy rice noodles and sesame ginger dressing.

If you’re on the lunch struggle bus like I was, I seriously suggest checking out all the Taylor Farms Single Serve Salad varieties and finding one that suits you! The salads can be found at Hyvee, Walmart and Sprouts.

2. Multiseed Crackers
I like a little carb crunch with my salad, and multi seed crackers do the trick. The kind I buy is gluten-free, but packed with sesame, flax, quinoa and amaranth seeds that lend a snappy crisp.

3. Salted Chocolate Chunk Nut Butter Bars
I always end lunch on a sweet note, only now I’m not reaching for candy. These Nut Butter Bars can seriously curb my sweet tooth, and thanks to a little protein and fiber, I feel fuller – even though the bars I buy are just 150 calories.

Now that you now what I’m currently consuming, I wanna know what you’re eating! Do you have any suggestions for good lunches on the go? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

This post is sponsored by Taylor Farms, but all opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that make Out to Eat the best blog it can be! 

7 thoughts on “What’s In My Lunch Bag

  1. Jan Roth

    Hi! This looks yummy. Where do you find the Single Serve salads and do you know if they’re available in Topeka? Thanks!

    1. Shanley Cox Post author

      Yes! I bought them from Target and I’ll I do is pop them in the dishwasher and give them a quick wipe with a wet towel if there are any spots.

    1. Shanley Cox Post author

      Hi Debbie! You can purchase the salads at Hyvee, Walmart or Sprouts. The bars can be bought at Target!


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