7 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Food Lover

Father's Day Gift Ideas in Kansas City
Is your dad the foodie of the family? Check out this list of Father’s Day gift ideas specifically curated for the food-loving father.

1. For the guy behind the grill: Red, White & Cue: Farm-Fresh Foods for the American Grill
Why he’ll love it: With recipes like Root Beer Ribs and Ember Roasted Brussels Sprouts, dad will find fresh inspiration for his next cookout.
Where to find it: Golden & Pine
Cost: $25

2. For the beer-lover: Drinkware by Easy, Tiger
Urban Provisions in Kansas City
Why he’ll love it: With cheeky phrases like “Beer Snob” and “Nice Hops,” dad can finally replace his random beer glasses with a set that looks good on the bar cart.
Where to find it: Urban Provisions or Easy, Tiger
Cost: $12

3. For the aspiring mixologist: Boozy Botanicals syrups 
Boozy Botanicals in Kansas City
Why he’ll love it: These locally-made syrups will take dad’s bartending skills to the next level. Bonus: they’re also a delicious addition to salad dressings, on fruit and ice cream.
Where to find it: Urban Provisions
Cost: $17

4. For the ultimate carnivore: meat from Local Pig 
Pigwich in Kansas City
Why he’ll love it: Local Pig’s selection of Kansas beef, bacon hot dogs and burgers will be the perfect addition to this year’s Father’s Day grill session.
Where to find it: Local Pig is located in the East Bottoms, 2618 Guinotte Ave.
Cost: $3-20

5. For the guy who likes to spice things up: condiments from Boys Grow
Made in KC
Why he’ll love it: Boys Grow products (like ketchup, BBQ sauce, salsa and dressings) are made by local youth (ages 14-16) and the proceeds go back to supporting the Boys Grow program.
Where to find it: Made in KC is just one of many Boys Grow retailers
Cost: $5

6. For the boozy bruncher: Jack Stack Bloody Mary Mix
Made in KC
Why he’ll love it: Made with the smoky flavors of Jack Stack’s Original Barbecue Sauce, dad will consider this a major upgrade from the usual store bought mixes.
Where to find it: Made in KC
Cost: $10

7. For the coffee aficionado: Beans from Thou Mayest
Thou Mayest Coffee
Why he’ll love it: When it comes to quality coffee, Thou Mayest is it. Browse single bags of beans, coffee gear or go all out with a weekly coffee subscription for dad.
Where to find it: Thou Mayest or Made in KC
Cost: $17.50 (one bag)

Do you have more Dad’s Day gift ideas? Go ahead, put them in the comments section below!

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  1. Santiago Escobar

    Thanks for the ideas Shan! Think I’m going to get my dad some meat from Local Pig. Never heard of it! Thanks!


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