Kansas City’s Best Coffee Hangouts

Heirloom Bakery in Kansas City
Nowadays, “going for coffee” means so much more than grabbing a quick cup of joe. Coffee shops have become a destination to mingle, study, work and, yes, especially Instagram. From cozy cafes to trendy newcomers, here’s a list of Kansas City’s best coffee hangouts.

1. Heirloom Bakery, Brookside 
Heirloom Bakery in Kansas CityPerfect for: Catching up with friends
What you’re ordering: the Rosemary Honey Latte ($3.50) and Key Lime Cookie ($1.85)
There’s no shortage of good vibes at this Brookside bakery and cafe. Lounge in one of Heirloom’s cozy, plant-lined corners or gather on the dog-friendly patio for a canine play date. If you’re hanging over mealtime, be sure to try the selection of breakfast sandwiches (those homemade cheddar chive biscuits tho).

Heirloom Bakery 
401 E 63rd St.
Kansas City, MO

2. Monarch Coffee, Midtown
Monarch Coffee in Kansas City
Perfect for: Networking
What you’re ordering: the Gibraltar ($3.50) and a Hana’s Donut ($2)
Coffee meets class at Kansas City’s newest cafe, Monarch. Located inside the Ambassador Building, the shop offers a selection of seven hand-roasted coffees, in addition to stunning surroundings.

Monarch Coffee
3550 Broadway
Kansas City, MO

3. Goat Hill Coffee & Soda, Westside 
Goat Hill Coffee in Kansas City
Perfect for: Taking out-of-towners
What you’re ordering: a Blackberry Lavender Soda ($3) or Iced Coffee ($3.25)
If Goat Hill’s fresh-made sodas and uber-cute decor don’t impress your out-of-towners, they should probably go back to where they came from. Top off their trip with a homemade pop tart and watch the “wows” come rolling in.

Goat Hill Coffee & Soda
811 W 17th St.
Kansas City, MO

4. Filling Station Coffee, locations in Overland Park, Midtown and Westport 
Filling Station Coffee in Kansas City
Perfect for: Working remotely
What you’re ordering: a Messenger Coffee Latte ($3-4) and selection of Ibis Bakery pastries
If you’re looking for a low-noise location to get some work done, Filling Station Coffee is your spot. The cafe features of plenty places to plug-in and large tables to spread out. If you’re in for the long haul, be sure to try the selection of fresh juices, breakfast burritos, salads and sandwiches.

Filling Station Coffee
7240 Johnson Dr.
Overland Park, KS

5. Unbakery & Juicery, Brookside 
Unbakery & Juicery in Kansas City
Perfect for: Studying
What you’re ordering: a cold pressed juice ($7-10) and Pad Thai Salad ($9)
Unbakery’s selection of organic, healthy foods and juices are pure brainfood for study and work sessions. (And the loads of natural light, pillow-lined bench seats and hanging plants help, too.) For those with special diets, Unbakery offers vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free food options.

Unbakery & Juicery

634 E. 63rd St.
Kansas City, MO

Where’s your favorite spot to grab a leisurely latte? Sharing is caring – let me know in the comments below!

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7 thoughts on “Kansas City’s Best Coffee Hangouts

  1. Leslie Castro

    These shots are b-e-a-utiful! I can’t wait to visit Monarch and I’m so glad you included Goat Hill! I’ve been meaning to try it out.

    Thanks for sharing lady!

  2. Sig

    Looking forward to seeing your review when Messenger Coffee gets finished being built off Grand & 16th in downtown KCMO. I live in the One Light tower & go by there every day, but I’m not exactly sure when they will open.

    1. Shanley Cox Post author

      Yes – I can’t wait to check it out! Do you follow along on Instagram – @shanleycox? I usually post there first before the blog.

  3. Jessica Cone

    I work at CommunityAmerica and whenever your posts are featured on our internal webpage I get so excited! I love to read all of your suggestions:) Although this place is in Lawrence, Alchemy coffee is amazing. Super small coffee shop, with no hung menus and only 3 round tables. Their cold brew coffee is the best in the state (the won an award!) and they have a small bakery. They offer one choice of food per day. My favorite choice of food they offer is a fresh baked biscuit and egg sandwich with some fresh strawberry jam. The biscuit is slightly salty and warm, with the fluffy egg and the strawberry jam, I could not ask for a better combo!

    1. Shanley Cox Post author

      Jessica, thanks so much for the kind words – you made my day! I love Alchemy as well. 🙂 Their Key Lime Pie is one of my favorite things.

    1. Shanley Cox Post author

      Oh, I’m so happy this list was helpful! Enjoy KC and let me know if you need any other recommendations. 🙂


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