Join Me For An Instagram Workshop!

One of the topics I get asked about on (almost) a daily basis is my Instagram…specifically, how I’ve created a professional and “pretty” looking feed. Believe me, there’s an art and method to making every photo perfectly match the one next to, above and below. It’s taken years to develop my personal brand and photography style. And the good news? I’m going to share all my secrets with you. So, if you’ve ever wondered how to achieve a more professional-looking Instagram, join me for a workshop December 9!

Countdown to Paris

Have you ever wished for something so hard that, once it happens, you can’t believe it’s real? That’s how I feel about my upcoming trip to Paris. In just over a month I’ll check off the most anticipated destination on my travel to-do list. The only problem? I have no clue where to eat.

What’s In My Lunch Bag

It’s February! For me, it’s that difficult time of year where I’m wavering on healthy New Year’s resolutions and reaching for the most convenient foods instead of what’s healthy. So I’ve made some changes, including no more lunches out. That’s right, I’ve been making my lunches for nearly two weeks and I already feel a little better about it. Here’s a peek at what I’ve been packing.

3 Tips for Hosting a Holiday Pie Party

Need a theme for your next holiday party? Look no further than the season’s signature dessert. A pie party is a great way gather friends and celebrate with a simplified menu and endless flavor options. To help get your pie party started, I’ve partnered with Tippin’s Pies to give you three tips for hosting your party – plus there’s free pie up for grabs!

Bratsgiving Recap

Are you a fan of food holidays? If so, be sure to add “Bratsgiving” to your calendar on August 16. This week I celebrated with Johnsonville when their mobile Big Taste Grill came to Kansas City. If you missed the fun, here’s a recap of the meat-filled festivities.

How to Staycation in Kansas City

When you need a break from reality but can’t leave town, a staycation is a great way to rest, recharge and rediscover your city. Last weekend I did all the above at Hotel Sorella, and let me tell you, it was pure bliss. If you could use a mini getaway, check out my guide to staycationing right here in Kansas City.

What’s On My Grocery List

One of the biggest misconceptions of being a food blogger is that I go out to eat all day, every day. If only! Although going out to eat is a big part of my weekly routine, making healthy meals at home balances out my diet in contrast to the not-so-healthy meals you see on this blog and my social media feeds. So what are my must-have grocery items? Here’s a look at what I’m buying.

Late Summer Style – Plus a Giveaway

I’m breaking from my usual food posts to bring you a giveaway from my friends at Roe Boulevard Boutique. I picked up some of Roe Boulevard’s breezy summer blouses and off shoulder tops that transition perfectly from late summer to fall. Best of all, if you see something you love in this post, Roe Boulevard is giving Out to Eat readers a 20% online discount and a chance to win a $100 gift card.

DIY Spiked Cherry Limeade Bar

Hosting a summer get-together? Keep your guests hydrated (and happy) with a simple DIY Spiked Cherry Limeade Bar. Just set out a few ingredients and let party-goers be their own bartender. You’ll have one less hostess stress to worry about and more time to chat it up with guests. Ready to break out your bar cart? Here’s what you’ll need.