Types of Dishes Based on Each Country

Types of Dishes Based on Each Country

Cooking is an activity that is always done every day by some people. If viewed from dvbstreamexplorer history, this cooking activity has been carried out since 1.9 million years ago, to be precise in the stone age or the paleolithic era. Of course, in those days, cooking and cooking activities were still using containers in the form of stones and fire from firewood. This is evident from the research results of a scientist from Boston University named Frensesco Berna, where he researched a cave which is believed to have been the place where ancient humans lived. Then he also found some stone cooking utensils.

Humans at that time were called homo erectus or ancient humans. Initially ancient humans still ate raw dishes, but over time early humans made new innovations by cooking ripe dishes. This is done to make it easier for the human body to digest. The side effect of cooking at that time was the change in the shape of the ancient human’s jaw which was getting smaller because it was used to consuming cooked food. In addition, the shape of the human intestine at that time also changed and shrank smaller.

Types of Cuisine in Each Country

Now a days, cooking and cooking activities are growing very rapidly. There are also many variants of how to cook it, starting from baking, steaming, boiling, and frying. Even today, each dish is divided into several types of countries including Indian cuisine, Chinese cuisine, French cuisine and Japanese cuisine. The way of serving it is also different. However, for Japanese cuisine, there are several menus that still use raw fish meat. The name of the menu is Sushi. However, the sushi menu still uses ripe condiments such as rice or sticky rice. For more details, here we will provide several types of cuisine based on certain regions.

  • Indonesian dishes

    satai indonesia dish
    Indonesian cuisine is a very popular dish in the world. This is because almost all Indonesian dishes are cooked with Indonesian spices and traditional cooking techniques also distinguish the characteristics of Indonesian cuisine. One of the most popular Indonesian dishes is Sate. This menu is made from animal meat such as chicken, beef, pork, or goat which is made with two choices of seasonings, namely soy sauce or peanut sauce seasoning. The way to serve it is by skewering the meat and served with rice cake or ketupat. Lontong or ketupat is rice that is steamed and packed with leaves. In addition, Indonesian cuisine is not spared from rice which is the main staple food in the country of Indonesia. Even one of the former presidents of the United States admitted that the Sate menu in Indonesia was one of the tastiest foods in the world. Interesting right?
  • Chinese food

    best dish chinese
    Chinese dishes are no less popular than Indonesian dishes, even Chinese specialties are often found in several countries such as Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. The characteristic of Chinese food is more sweet and sour. The types of food include Bakpau, Bakmie, Soto Noodle, Soto, Siomay, Pempek, Laksa, Kwetiau, Capcai, Fuyung Hai, Popiah and Swikke. Some of the dishes above are often found in Indonesia. You certainly have to try this menu because it has a very delicious and delicious taste.
  • Japanese dishes

    japanese food dish
    Japanese cuisine is also often encountered in several former colonies of this solar country. Lots of interesting menus from Japanese cuisine including Ramen, Tempura, Onigiri, Shabu – Shabu, Sushi, and many more. Among them, there is one menu that uses raw fish, namely sushi. There are actually many types of sushi and some use cooked meat. For the type of sushi that uses raw meat is sashimi. Sashimi is a dish of rice wrapped in raw salmon meat. If you pay attention, the color of the sushi is very colorful which makes your appetite increase. But if you don’t usually eat raw food, of course you will feel nauseous because you are not used to it. When viewed biologically, sushi is very good for the health of the body if processed cleanly and correctly. Interesting right ?
  • Italian dishes

    italian delicious dish
    There is one Italian dish that is very well known throughout the world and surely you know this dish. Pizza, yes the pizza menu is very popular all over the country. This Italian dish uses flour which is made into bread accompanied by toppings of cheese, vegetables, and cut meat. Apart from pizza, there is also spaghetti, which consists of boiled noodles given a typical Italian pasta.
  • French dishes

    best dish france
    French cuisine can also be categorized as high-end cuisine if you are in the Asian region. Some of the popular menus from France are Escargots de Bourgogne made with snails, Foie Gras made with duck or goose liver, seafood Oursins made from sea urchins, and many more. Usually the price of French dishes is quite expensive because it can only be found in five star restaurants.
  • Indian dishes

    best food indian
    Indian dishes actually have a cooking component similar to Indonesian cuisine, where the cuisine is more concerned with the taste of the spices made. The Indian menu uses very tasty curry spices. Usually Indian people often use cane bread as the main carbohydrate.
  • Thai Dishes

    The sour taste is very strong in Thai dishes. One of his favorite menus is Tomyam. The Tomyam menu is a soup menu that has toppings such as fish, shrimp and vegetables and is of course complemented with sour and savory broth. In addition, there are also many Thai dishes that are a little strange, such as chicken embryos, smoked scorpions, tongseng crickets, and others.
  • South Korean dishes

    According to a reliable source Wikipedia, South Korean cuisine is often seasoned with sesame oil, doenjang, soy sauce, salt, garlic, ginger and chili sauce (gochujang). You need to know that South Korea is a country that consumes the most garlic in the world. One of the most interesting winter dishes is kimchi. Kimchi is a menu of fermented vegetables (radish, mustard greens, and cucumber). This menu is usually made with a large barrel that is stored underground. Interestingly, if you want to make this menu you need good cooperation. In addition, the kimchi menu is also used as a basic ingredient for recipes for making Korean dishes.

Here are some typical dishes based on several regions, how are you interested in trying? In addition to cooking activities as a daily activity, cooking activities are also used as a competition contest. Starting from the lower class, even to the national or international class. The international cooking event is a MasterChef event. There all contestants are given the opportunity to cook within a specified time and the results of their cooking are judged by the Cheff International class jury. Interesting right?

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