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Best KC Restaurants to Impress Out of Towners

We’ve all been here before: Guests are coming to town and you’re in charge of choosing the perfect restaurants. Being the knowledgeable Kansas Citian that you are, your food line-up is expected to impress your guests and put your city in a positive light. But your in-law’s tastes might not be the same as your old college roommate. No matter who’s visiting, here’s a guide to the best Kansas City restaurants for every kind of guest.

1. The Hard-to-Impress In-Laws 
Who can complain about bottomless mimosas and teetering towers of blueberry-stuffed french toast? No one, that’s who. And that’s why you’re taking the in-laws to weekend brunch at BLVD Tavern. You can take the edge off with a spicy bloody mary (or three) and everyone can nosh on a crowd-pleasing selection of locally-sourced fare.

BLVD Tavern 
320 Southwest Blvd.
Kansas City, MO 64108

2. The No-Frills Relative 
We all have that one family member who freaks over words like “amusebouche.” But just because they’re not an adventurous eater doesn’t mean they can’t have an amazing meal. Case in point: Speak Sandwiches. The popular Westside lunch spot keeps the menu simple and satisfying with options ranging from pastrami sandwiches (above) to matzo soup.

Speak Sandwiches 
1000 W 25 St.
Kansas City, MO 64108

3. The Food-Conscious Friend 
This friend just watched What the Health and now you’re scrambling to find every vegan/vegetarian option in town. Never fear. Betty Rae’s in Waldo offers a variety of dairy-free ice creams, sorbets and boozy shakes. The dairy-free chocolate (left) is a personal fave.

Betty Rae’s 
7140 Wornall Rd.
Kansas City, MO 64114

4. The First-Time Visitor 
For that guest who wants the quintessential KC experience, there’s no better place than Joe’s Kansas City. You’ll prove it’s worth their wait with the Z-Man Sandwich and a side of those epically-seasoned fries.

Joe’s Kansas City 
3002 West 47th Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66103

5. The Self-Proclaimed “Foodie”
This guest has a Yelp account and they’re not afraid to use it. And when it comes to restaurants, they expect the latest and greatest wherever they go. Take them to Crossroads’ Corvino Supper Club and wow them with inventive dishes from chef Michael Corvino. Pro tip: go for the late night menu to try Corvino’s signature cheeseburger.

Corvino Supper Club
1830 Walnut Street
Kansas City, MO 64108

Have some additional tips on where to take out of town guests? Shoot them my way in the comments section below!

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